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By Vilain Gold Digger Limited Edition 2019 (sold out)

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By Vilain Gold Digger Limited Edition 2019 is a new spin on the classic By Vilain Gold Digger. With a soothing scent of tropical fruit and a touch of warm vanilla, this extreme hold styling wax will send your senses on a journey while keeping your hair in place both day and night. Grab it before it’s too late. Only available in a VERY limited supply!


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180,00 kr
180,00 kr



By Vilain Gold Digger limited edition 2019

Since 2013 By Vilain Gold Digger has pushed the boundaries of performance. With extreme hold, matte finish and long-lasting hold, this styling wax was rightly created for the hair-obsessed. This Limited Edition was originally launched in 2016 as an updated version of the classic Gold Digger. Now it’s back in a 2019 version. 

NEW: Designed on the outside to evoke positive feelings and to get you in a festive mood, the high-performing formula is the same that sparked the original obsession. Now added a luxurious scent of vanilla and tropical fruit. Only 5000 pieces made and every jar is numbered on the label.

  • Extreme hold & matte finish
  • Adds fullness & texture
  • All day style control
  • Works with you, never against you. 


Work the wax through dry hair (preferably dried in position with a blow dryer) and sculpt your hair into any style you wish. Or apply to damp hair for a more controlled look. Remember that a little goes a long way.


18 anmeldelser

Bedømt af: Brett

Awessome product

The Gold Digger Limited Edition smells amazing :)
Bedømt af: Nick

The best products in the world, with a twist

Gold Digger is my all time favorite Wax, and this smell drives nuts dude!
Bedømt af: carlos javier

es la mejor

olor muy bueno y puedes hacer con tu pelo lo que quieras sin duda la mejor en olor y todo.
Bedømt af: carlos javier

es la mejor

olor muy bueno y puedes hacer con tu pelo lo que quieras sin duda la mejor en olor y todo.
Bedømt af: aure


me encanta el olor que tiene y es ideal para amoldar el pelo como te de la gana, la uso todo los días.
Bedømt af: triple-a

Absolutely stunning *_*

IMO shipping should be faster (to mauritius) :P However, the limited gold digger edition should be a mainstay of By Vilain products.. Dat scent though :)
Bedømt af: Jonnehbravo


Was expecting a more 'oomph' fragrance after all that advertising but it was slightly underwhelming. Texture of the wax is really nice though !
Bedømt af: Sulli

Good Texture

I use this product every day, it is great for adding texture and volume to my hair. It can be used for messy and clean hairstyles. This product is one of my favorites.
Bedømt af: KR7ETYU

Good product but long shipping

The limited edition is very cool to be honest it might even be better than my mitch product the only concern was that it took 15 days, but to be honest its from denmark not in amercia like amazon. Overall this product gets a 5 star review.
Bedømt af: Aj

Love it

Love the product and the smell of the limited edition. I wish you guys could make another for the Silver Fox, I would definitely want to buy that.
Bedømt af: Adam


Bedømt af: rajfire

v nice product

Nice product, I don't need to use much and the smell is very nice. Has quite a thick texture not bad though.
Bedømt af: Alex

Great stuff

been wanting to try this stuff for some time now, and it did not disappoint. Normally Aveda grooming clay is my go to product because how easy it goes through the hair with good hold. Gold digger does exactly that, but even better hold. Great product guys.
Bedømt af: SlikhaarTV Fan


Great product thanks for making this I use it everyday and it's so good
Bedømt af: Sibrecht

Gold Digger

Ordered this item with a couple of others and it got delivered in no time. But I am not really satisfied with this new scent edition. I still like the old one most. But great "funktionaliteit" :)
Bedømt af: Silvio Corapi

Better than the normal one

I love Gold Digger but this is the ultimate product!!! The normal Gold Digger has a good scent but once it is in my hair the scent disappear... This Limited Edition has a far more better scent and i can feel when it's in my hair too! It's not a strong scent, i can feel it but in the right way... I really hope that By Vilain make a permanent version of this product, i love it!!!
Bedømt af: Miguel

The best !

I love the hold and the matte finish! Is the perfect wax for me :) love it!
Bedømt af: Luong Quan

In love with Slikhaar so far !

Really love you guys. Gold Digger FTW
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